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Region Activities

Kiwi Woggle

Kiwi Woggle is an annual competion camp for Scout Patrols. Traditionally open to all Scouts in Wide Bay and Suncoast Region. Any Patrol outside the defined Kiwi Woggle Competition Area is able to participate in the competition guidelines and grading, however, the Kiwi Woggle Trophy can only be won by a Patrol within the defined area.


This fun camp is organized by Suncoast Rovers and is held mid year annually. Attended by both Rovers and Venturers, this camps main purpose is to foster the relationship between these two sections.

Joey Scout Mob Holiday.

This weekend of fun and games is for the Joey Scouts in the Region. Being on a Region scale, it gives these young people the chance to meet and mix with other children their own age. Activities available at the Mob Holiday are usually of the scale that are not an option at Mob level.


Teddy Bears Picnic.

This day of fun for Joey Scouts started as a District organized event. However now that Region has a dedicated person to coordinate that section, it has been put on the Region Calendar and is held in a different District each year.

Cub Scout Day

This is another Region organised activity that at present is still in its early stages. It is planned to bring all Cub Scouts in the Region together for a day of fun.

Leader Training Courses

Each year, Region requests that all the formal Leadership Training Courses are held within the Region. This enables local leaders to avail themselves of this training without having to travel long distances. To this end, Region also organizes and runs a Leadership Training 2 Field Day each year.

Because of the large area that Suncoast region covers as well as the major towns within that area, It has become tradition that Groups and District attend their own local ANZAC Day parades and Founders Day Services or activities.


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